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Limestone cleaning, limestone polishing, limestone restoration, crack repairs and regular maintenance.

Limestone is generally a soft and understated stone: Elegant. It doesn’t take a high gloss polish like marble as it has a more open pore structure therefore making this limestone more susceptible to deep stains and dirt penetration. It is also more prone to deep etching by acidic and alkaline solutions. This open structure makes it harder to protect as sealers are less effective and don’t offer the same level of protection as they would on a harder marble. Correct cleaning and maintenance becomes much more important with these types of stone.

DirectStone has fitted and maintained thousands of metres of Limestone and we will deep clean your limestone to lift stains and dirt; use specialist poultices to remove oil and stubborn stains; repair cracks; fill holes; remove etch marks; re-seal and will complete a full limestone floor restoration programme where required.

Due to limestone’s open structure the only way to keep it looking clean and elegant is to have it regularly maintained. This we achieve with an annual deep clean and re-seal to give it the soft lustre it had when new. We are happy to work out a maintenance schedule with you that is suitable for the type of limestone and the finish you want to maintain.

We have specialist technicians covering the following areas: Greater London, St Albans, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Nottingham, Derby, Manchester, Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate and York.

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DirectStone Ltd's 5 step Limestone Floor Restoration Programme:

  1. Full site inspection: to ascertain the damage/condition of the limestone, identify the type of stone and determine which restoration technique is most suitable. A sample area can be restored, for a nominal fee, to show you exactly what can be achieved.
  2. Restoration: Using specialist cleaning processes and diamond abrasive pads the old surface of your limestone floor will be ground back, re-honed and then polished back to its original lustre.
  3. Sealing: This protects the body of the stone from stain and dirt penetration. There are several different types of sealer, each developed for a specific purpose and type of stone; our masons are trained in their correct usage
  4. Regular Cleaning: We will show you or your cleaning company exactly how to maintain the restored finish to your limestone floor and highlight which products should and should not be used.
  5. Periodic follow-up maintenance: The finish we achieve will eventually start to dull and wear away in higher traffic areas, even with the correct cleaning regime, as foot traffic, gritty dust and scratches impair the polished surface. A periodic follow up programme by DirectStone will mean an additional expense in the short term but it will prevent the need for a full floor restoration in the future. The frequency will depend on the traffic and the degree of finish you want maintaining.

What our customers say:

"Hi Simon

I am thrilled with the floor - it looks so bright and clean and makes the room look bigger. I will definitely be using DirectStone in the future"

Eleanor - Wimbledon

[Restoration of Seashell Limestone Floor]

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