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Project: Limestone floor restoration

limestone floor restoration limestone floor restoration

Simon cleaned and restored our limestone floor really well. Before he started, he asked many questions about the floor and its condition, and throughout the process he confirmed choices of process and finish.The job was carried out in a businesslike and efficient way, and it was a pleasure to have him working for us.The final result was excellent – really like a new floor.I would gladly recommend.

Martin Blain

Project: Travertine floor restoration

travertine floor reatoration Travertine floor restoration Travertine floor restoration

We had completely fallen out of love with our travertine floor. Lots of holes, scratches and a couple of unsightly acidic ring marks caused by vinegar left us considering re-tiling.

On seeing the floor DirectStone reassured us it could be fixed, cleaned and brought back to it's original state. In just two days our floor was completely rescued! The results were amazing and we can honestly say that the whole area was transformed and looked far better than when the floor was first laid. We can't thank Simon at DirectStone enough for his hard work and giving us back a beautiful new floor.

Many thanks

Jackie :-)

Project: Seashell Limestone floor restoration

seashell limestone floor restoration

Hi Simon

I am thrilled with the floor - it looks so bright and clean and makes the room look bigger. I will definitely be using DirectStone in the future.

Eleanor, Wimbledon

Project: Honed travertine floor restoration

Hi Simon

Just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with the floor. Thank you so much for doing such as good job, it makes me smile every time i look at it!

Kindest Regards


What is Stone Restoration?

It is the technique of restoring damaged or worn marble, travertine, limestone or terrazzo to bring it back to like new condition by removing etched areas, scratches, lips, cleaning grout, re-polishing and re-sealing the surface of the stone. This is done by using a combination of the following processes:

  • Deep clean the stone to remove old wax, polymers and dirt
  • Grind out lips and scratches with abrasive diamond pads
  • Hone back the old finish to remove dulled and etched areas with finer abrasive diamond pads
  • Polish to like new condition using fine abrasive diamond pads
  • Seal with a proprietary impregnator to protect the body of the stone
  • Regular maintenance to keep the stone as good as new and remove the need for expensive restoration in future

We have specialist technicians covering the following areas: Greater London, St Albans, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Nottingham, Derby, Manchester, Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate and York.

CALL 01525 863920 or E-MAIL: enquiries@directstone.co.uk today!

Pictures of recent projects:

A curved hallway presented its own unique challenges
Fantastic finish to a high traffice area of marble flooring in a hallway
Kitchen floors are subject to many different chemicals and stains all of which can be cleaned and removed - leaving it looking as new.
Marble hallway
Hign traffic area in front of a lift.

Other Recent Projects

Emperador Marble Floor, 75m2

The marble was etched along the grout joints by incorrect use of a grout cleaner. The marble was honed and re-polished using abrasive pads, re-sealed and buffed to a high gloss.

Limestone Floor, 100m2

The tiles had been finished with an unsuitable surface coating which left the stone very patchy, with gloss in some parts and matt in others. We stripped the old sealer with a deep stone cleaner and re-honed the stone with medium abrasive diamond pads then sealed it with the correct sealer.

Encaustic Terracotta Tiles, 25m2

These tiles were just installed and we cleaned them, sealed them with a silicon impregnator then applied 2 coats of beeswax polish to protect the surface of these beautiful Spanish tiles.

Marble Vanity top and Bath surround

General use, shampoo, abrasive cleaning creams etc had stripped the polish from the surface. We ground the stone back and re-polished it, re sealed and buffed it back to a factory finish.

Marble Table top

The marble had been broken and chipped during a move. We repaired the top using steel rods to support the stone and filled the break and the chips with colour matched resins. The entire surface and all the edges were ground back and re polished to a factory finish.

Crema Marfil Staircase

The treads were scratched and dulled by foot traffic. We ground them back, re polished them to give an even polish across the treads and risers. The stone was sealed and buffed. A regular maintenance programme will keep them looking good for many years to come.

DirectStone has 2 other websites that you may be interested in looking at:

www.directstone.co.uk for natural stone, porcelain, terracotta and glass tiles

www.granite-worktops-london.co.uk for granite, quartz and marble kitchen worktops and bathroom vanities.

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